1.Click the "Buy" button opposite the desired product. In the window that opens, write your email (the product will be sent to it), the quantity of the product and the payment method.

2. After that, make a transfer to the specified wallet with the note that the site will give out (copy the numbers from the window with the note, do not add anything from yourself!)

Payment must be made from the wallet to the wallet of the selected payment system! Payments from cards, exchange offices, terminals are NOT PROCESSED AUTOMATICALLY! To pay with cards, choose the Free payment method-kassa, LAVA or Enot.

3.After payment, click the "Check Payment" button and automatically download the product in a text file. A copy of the product is sent to the specified mail only after clicking the "Check payment" button!

4. If you accidentally closed the window with the order, then you need to click the "Buy" button again on the counter of the product and in the upper right corner there will be a button "Closed the payment window". Click on it and again we get to the unfinished order and click "Check payment"!

If this is your first time buying in a store and you doubt that you will do everything right, you can buy small coupons of 500 points for verification.

important! It is necessary to specify the correct mail, it is to her that you will receive a copy of the file with the product and will be able to download


For 1000 points in this likest service, you can get 500 subscribers to your group, 1000 likes on record, 250 friends on a social network or 250 reposts. This service is designed to promote VK.

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The best service for promotion by live offer users of VK (Vkontakte). With the help of the Likes You can make subscribers to your profile and to groups/publics, likes, reposts, comments (positive, random and set), votes/polls. There are a lot of targeting criteria (age, gender, page age, city, country, number of friends on the page, etc. parameters) which will significantly help to promote aimed at your target audience!

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A very popular service for promotion, is in great demand. The price for points is quite low, the quality is average, and the task completion speed is good. A budget service for Smm promotion of your pages and groups. Promotes Vkontakte, Telegram, Odnoklassniki.


Vtope scores (vtope) make the movement quite high-quality. The execution of tasks is slower than on the likest and turbolayker. With the help of the second one, you can turn such social networks as VK (Vkontakte), Twitter (Twitter), Instagram (Instagram), ( and Youtube (YouTube)


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An excellent service for the promotion of Vkontakte, there are few dogs and write-offs.


You purchase a turbolayker coupon. The site itself will recommend a price of 1 point. Turbolayker is quite a popular service, but recently attendance has been falling, which means that there will be fewer executions — more time will have to wait. Facebook Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Odnoklassniki, Ask, you can spend points (likes) to cheat likes, subscribers and comments of such social networks VKontakte, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube,

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Quite a serious project in the field of promotion in social networks. More than 3 million active participants use this service.

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The YouTuber is designed to cheat views, likes, subscribers to YouTube. The price is very affordable and your costs for cheating Youtube will not be large.

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Yutmonster is an excellent service for promoting Youtube and Vk. 50,000 points costs only 6-7p, which is very cheap as you understand. Does Youtube views well and smoothly